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Publish an article about yourself, your brand, your business, career, or anything of your liking to Your article is 100% guaranteed to be posted to this URL or your money back.

ABC News is an outlet to post breaking news or spread awareness about a major situation. Posts here should be about news and NOT a formatted article that appears stylized as an advertisement.


SEO Check For This News Outlet

Google News Accredited: YES (If you Google search your name, this article WILL appear under the news tab on Google’s Home Page)

Domain Authority: 94/100(Gives a measure of how likely Google is to recommend this website. For example: When you search “music”, Youtube appears. Youtube has a 100/100 domain authority score.)

SEARCH ENGINE INDEX SCORE: 1M (The discoverability of this article when someone googles your name)




1.) After purchasing this publication you will be emailed a questionnaire. Fill this out and send it back to

2.) Once we have received the filled-out questionnaire, our team of editorials will write a professional article within 3 business days and send it back to you for approval.

3.) You approve the article or request revisions prior to it being published. Once the article has been approved it will be sent to the news feed.

4.) Your article will be published to within 3 weeks of the article’s pre-approval.



We have an 85% success rate in publishing articles to, the international news wire for ABC. These articles are subject to minor changes made by the news team. In the case your article is declined to this outlet, you will receive a 100% refund within 5-7 business days. Often, the story is picked up by local ABC news outlets rather than the international news wire. If this occurs we will reach out to offer publications here, and instead offer a partial refund. This choice is yours to make and you may choose to accept a 100% refund.




ABC News - Article Write Up

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