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Get featured in major magazines such as The New York Times, Forbes, The Source Mag, The Los Angeles Tribune, dozens of others. Increase Notability, the #1 reason accounts are denied a social media verification badge. Would you like to showcase your career highlights and upcoming successes to the world? Put it in writing and into the news to be discovered on Google.

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Want your work featured on ONE SPECIFIC BLOG from our list of News Outlets? Then click here to browse our list of publication options! Follow the steps necessary to getting your or your business featured in a magazine of your dreams such as Forbes, NY Times, USA Today, L.A. Tribune, The Source Mag, and more!

Save money by purchasing an article write up bundle and get the most out of your campaign with marketing add-ons such as Indexing Profiles Updates & SEO Ranking Boosts, and Google Ads Credits. Recommended for increased chances for receiving Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter Blue Check Verification Badges.


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Google Marketing w/ Blog Placements

Create website backlinks, key search phrases, recommended item tags, and more to improve Site SEO and inform others. Blog Placements create an everlasting advertisement or that results in peoples search results when people are searching for your product or services. Sales Funnels!


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Social Media Verification, 

Before Instagram asked  you for 5 articles on your Verification submission... WE WERE PUBLISHING ARTICLES! Nobody does web distribution like Display.


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Content Research, Writing and Creation

Provide us information about yourself by filling out the provided questionnaire. We create content and write articles for your Approval. We mass send it to editorials and encourage others to share with their following as well!


PR Campaign Top Sellers


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