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Slick Pusha is a Musical Artist best known for drill hits as well as vocal HipHop Tracks. He has released five projects since his debut mixtape Zombieland.

His second mixtape "Long Live Mook" was a collaborative tribute featuring artist 59 Beef. The Mainly Drill project featured tracks with a unique, theatrical style that'd never before been heard.

Next came breakout project "Slime Etiquette".

A solo 16 song release which truly showcased his versatility and ability to create a wide range of hip hop inspired music. The Deluxe version of Slime Etiquette dropped shortly after which features several fellow Slimes including Mikey Polo, 59 Beef, SnatchtheGwap, Don’te, & Fatt Larry).

Keeping the content flowing, Slick Pusha hosted a collaborative mixtape during the 2020 Pandemic, "RONA MIXTAPE". The 35 song project featured over 40 Artists.

The joint effort helped propel the project into mainstream media, and the Tapes Single "Reload" climbed charts accompanied by a video release.

All while releasing several hit singles (Todaii, Thunderstorm, Trap Lonely, Perk 40, and No Kap to name a few), music videos, featured tracks, merchandise and more... Slick Pusha aka SP put together the "SP Mixtape". The Apple Music & Tidal Specific release was a personal favorite for many! The release helped expand his following across all streaming platforms.

His latest project .45 Fully Loaded was a Drill Project filled with Hits that Stick. The 5 song EP, straight bangers, caught high attraction on Soundcloud and specific song "Lui Kang" has quickly became the song of choice for Social Media video challenges and dances.

What more can I say? Slick Pusha has shown, and continues to show, his ability to deliver hit records. Combined with his style and demeanor SP is New York's Rising Hip Hop Music & Drill Artist.


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HBK Zachery
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