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The Island Boys – Walk Off Interview

After recently releasing their first hit single “I’m an Island Boy”, Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd (an up-and-coming rap twin duo known as The Island Boys) recently appeared on a popular podcast called Impaulsive. When Logan Paul (the head host) asked the twins “what if it doesn’t work out?”, George, Logan‘s friend and big fan of the brothers suggested that the twins sell their jewelry and “never be broke again”. Flyysoulja told George to “stop talking“ but George proceeded to defend his statement – even going so far as to swear at the twins as they walked off the set.

Left to right: George, Flyysoulja, Kodiyakredd, Logan, Mike

While Logan originally posed the question, George’s comment seems to be what put off the island boys.While Logan originally posed the question, George’s comment seems to be what put off the island boys.

Something about George’s comment offended them. They did ask him to drop the topic multiple times and called his respect into question when he failed to change the subject.

As George continued to defend his statement, one of the twins pointed at the cameras, suggesting that George is “acting out because the cameras are still on.

The Island boys later responded to drama surrounding the conflict with good humor and positivity on a live video saying “there’s no beef.“

Immediately after the episode, George was terminated from Impaulsive for disrespecting the boys and pushing them to become the the channel’s only guests to have ever walked off of the show.

Whether or not the podcast and the duo have directly been in contact since the conflict is unknown. But it seems as though both parties agree that George could’ve been more respectful, and that the situation could’ve been handled differently.

Flyysoulja – I’m an Island Boy ft. Kodiyakredd (Official Music Video)

As to a second appearance by The Island Boys on Impaulsive, perhaps it’s just rumors. But one thing is for sure – you can check out their new official music video called I’m an Island Boy by Flyysoulja ft. Kodiyakredd on YouTube.

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