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NBA YoungBoy Releases ‘SINCERELY, KENTRELL’. Fans Call on Joe Biden to Free Youngboy.

NBA YoungBoy released his third studio album ‘SINCERELY, KENTRELL’ on Friday, September 24th. This is the follow up to his 2020 albums ‘TOP’, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, and ‘Until Death Call My Name’

In March 2021, Baton Rouge-based rapper NBA YoungBoy was arrested in Los Angeles after running from the police “in fear of his life”. The feds, who refer to their operation as “Operation Never Free Again”, took advantage of a music video shoot to carry out the warranted arrest, and arrested a total of 16 people. Initially, he was given a $540k bond by a judge in California, however, a judge in Louisiana revoked the bond due to his history of violent behavior…

Just before the album ‘SINCERELY, KENTRELL’ was released, fans started a petition targeted toward United States President Joe Biden explaining why he must be released while awaiting trial. The petition now how over 50K signatures and has become a trending topic that certainly must have gotten President Biden’s awareness! It will be interesting to see if he gives attention to the mass following asking to have NBA YoungBoy released.

Do you think Joe Biden will comment on the topic, or possibly even release YoungBoy? Click here to Sign the Petition!

If you haven’t yet, stream the album here and comment your thoughts below.

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