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Lil Xan – Photographed by: Drip Will | Styled by: High Fashion Austin

Lil Xan impressively came into the music industry, charting his debut album Xanarchy at #10 on the Billboard Top 100 Charts. The project later secured him a spot as a 2018 XXL Freshman, quickly escalating him to superstar status…

Xanarchy is still Lil Xan’s only studio album release to date, but rumors of a new album release are circulating, and we are excited to see what’s in store. The long wait for new music could majorly be due to a downward spiral in drug addiction, but regardless, Lil Xan’s relevance in the hip hop/rap industry is still very relevant.

In an interview with E! News, Lil Xan shared with his followers that he has sobered up entirely after a health scare that left him hospitalized. Although his name will be remaining as “Lil Xan,” he has put his addiction to prescription drugs in the past and has been cleaning up his public image. This is something that has shown through his recent social media posts. See below the post captioned, “Been Working on myself lately, and it’s been paying off.”

@xanxiety – Official Instagram Page Post

Improving not only his public image Lil Xan has increased his fashion style as well. In a recent L.A. Photoshoot, styled by High Fashion Austin (celebrity stylus and owner of leading Streetwear & Sneaker Boutique in Salt Lake City – East Side Hype), Lil Xan is seen dressed in the newest trends looking clean wearing Chrome Hearts, (. ) Denim, and low top Air Jordan 5’s.

@xanxiety – See Instagram Posts by Lil Xan

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Lil Xan – Photographed by: Drip Will | Styled by: High Fashion Austin

Follow Lil Xan on Instagram @Xanxiety to stay up to date on the latest news regarding upcoming releases!

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