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Display Ent. Launches Own Streaming Platform + New Music Hosting & Distribution Services

You can now stream or purchase music hosted by Display Entertainment directly from our site! Check it out >

The Display Web App has added several new features and services to help artist break through the cluttered internet. The new option to Host a Single or Mixtape on the platform is awesome, because not only does the artist benefit from Display’s personal site traffic and marketing efforts, but it also includes a web distribution and marketing campaign to get you heard everywhere!

The music industry can be difficult to navigate! The commonly used distribution programs such as Distrokid or United Master will get your music into stores easily. BUT, it’s all too easy to neglect additional steps needed to ensure your music is in the best position to get heard!!!

Check out all of the platforms Display Entertainment offers to help Artists, Creatives, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs, and all Entertainment Professionals. vVv

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