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Alien Ship Over David Dobrik’s House?

On a podcast that aired Jan 24, 2022, celebrity David Dobrik and friends discussed [many topics] however, one in particular stood out.

Dobrik is known creatively as a superpower in the YouTube universe. From his life-sized Iron-Man suit “replica” to his massive weapons collection David might be ready to face an invasion.

The story: An alien space ship the size of Staples Center started hovering over internetsensation David Dobrik’s house around midnight as he and his friends were using the hot tub. After internet comedian David Dobrik and friends ran inside, the news came on. Claims say content and recordings were kept.

As supernatural as it is, YouTube Podcast sensation David Dobrik apparently wouldn’t be weilding a flamethrower, but of course a camera instead. Whether or not we will see any of this footage in the next vlog is still to be determined. Perhaps the story is left best To Be Continued…

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